"Really embarrassing": GOP erupts into swing state civil war

In recent days, Republicans tied to a pre-existing leadership group in Las Vegas’ Clark County filed a lawsuit seeking to bar the state party from electing officers at its fall meeting on Saturday in Northern Nevada. On Thursday, a judge in Nevada denied their request, dismissing the case.

And that same day, the state party chair, Michael McDonald, pledged in an interview to counter-sue.

Meanwhile, several GOP officials in Washoe County — the state’s second-most populous county and a traditional bellwether — resigned from their posts earlier this week amid an uprising from pro-Trump activists within their ranks. In Carson City, former state Controller Ron Knecht resigned from his leadership position in his local Republican club and from the state party’s central committee, which he torched as “dysfunctional” on his way out.

“Oh my God,” said Amy Tarkanian, a former chair of the state Republican Party. “It’s really, really embarrassing, just as a whole.”

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