Portland and other "defund" cities are destroying their own livability

Between the violent insurrection that leftist protesters waged against its federal courthouse, which lasted for weeks last summer, and the violence that petty criminals are inflicting on innocent citizens, the Rose City just isn’t a nice place to be anymore. Its hip, urban environment has suddenly seen its average home price eclipsed by Boise, a remote and backward potato-growing hub in the middle of a neighboring state’s high desert.

Portland enjoys the consequences of treating its police force as a bigger problem than its violent criminals.

Although the murder of George Floyd illuminated how difficult unions make it to discipline police, it also gave rise to a completely false narrative about police brutality and racism. Amazingly, this fact continues to surprise people when they hear it, but most individuals shot and killed by the police are white, not black. In fact, whites are shot by police far out of proportion with their involvement in violent crime.