I have a vaccine exemption on religious grounds but NYC won’t honor it

I have a religious exemption from all vaccine mandates under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, but now New York is mandating the COVID vaccine for all NYC workers and it appears they won’t honor the religious exemption. Our Mayor sucks. How can he do this? Is it legal?

Who am I to argue with the opinion of a reader?
But with respect to your question, it is an excellent one and I was curious about it myself. I thought, “that can’t stand up in court.” Well, apparently three health care workers were curious too and challenged it in court and won. It hasn’t been widely reported, but the court granted a temporary injunction and NYC workers who have a religious exemption do not have to get vaccinated. The city is also obligated to make a reasonable accommodation. There will be more to come in this hotly contested debate. As for your feelings about the mayor, that problem will be resolved in a few short weeks.