Mocking unvaxxed COVID victims has become a pandemic blood sport

The HermanCainAward community on Reddit, which boasts 300,000 members, is a similar archive with a slightly more varied selection of stories. The name is a reference to businessman and prominent Republican Herman Cain, who died of COVID last year—when vaccines weren’t yet available—after not wearing a mask for at least part of a now-notorious Trump rally in Oklahoma. Herman Cain Award recipients can be anti-maskers, vaccine skeptics, or anyone generally dismissive of the seriousness of COVID, and are usually presented on Reddit by way of Facebook screen grabs.

Unlike at Sorryantivaxxer, most of their last names are obscured.

Another subreddit, COVIDAteMyFace, is a much more meme-brained and chaotic feed of similar stories—mostly snarkily worded links to news websites and screen grabs of questionable Facebook posts and tweets—with a respectable membership of 30,000. The community’s “About” section says the moderators welcome posts about “suicide by covid.”

Clearly there’s a lot of demand for this content right now. But is there a point to it?

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