Massive spike in murders: The left's policies hit black lives hardest

The Left uses the phrase “disparate impact” to describe policies that disproportionately affect one racial group or another. It is clear, then, that the police have a highly beneficial disparate impact on nonwhite communities because, on aggregate, black people are eight times more likely than white people to be murdered.

If you are white, you live in a security bubble that your black friends and acquaintances do not have. If you are black, your safety is now statistically comparable (at 22.5 murders per 100,000 people) to that of someone living in Guatemala, a country so violent that people flee it to come here.

No one should have to live that way in America just so that leftist activists and gentry liberals can feel good about themselves and parade their ersatz virtue to others. There is no virtue in it.

Research and experience show that the way to prevent murders is to police proactively and to dedicate funds and manpower to solving cases so that killing has consequences and killers are brought to justice. This is a proven strategy that, until recently, had brought safety gains for people of all races. Forcing police into retreat, the way activists and left-wing politicians have demonstrably done in Minneapolis and other high-crime cities , encourages murderers.