Female CNN producer exited Cuomo's show after feeling "threatened" by him, sources say

“A CNN insider confirmed Buck went to CNN boss Jeff Zucker and asked to be taken off Cuomo’s show and moved to another department, which he agreed to,” Page Six reported. “The insider denied rumors that Buck was given a significant pay-off to stay silent over her spat with the agitable anchor.”

Fox News confirmed that Buck felt “threatened” by Cuomo.

A former CNN insider heard rumors about the tense relationship between Buck and Cuomo, telling Fox News the producer perceived a “ruin your career type of threat” from the anchor.

In a statement to Page Six, Buck pointed to “significant differences” she had with Cuomo regarding the direction of “Cuomo Prime Time” and confirmed she had “asked to leave the show,” adding she has “moved on” from her stint in primetime and is “looking forward” as an executive producer of morning live programming on CNN’s recently-announced streaming service, CNN+.