Trump's Arizona embarrassment sharpens questions for GOP

“People — at least independents and some Republicans — do not believe that any irregularities were material to the outcome” last year, said Brad Blakeman, a former member of President George W. Bush’s administration who was supportive of Trump throughout his four years in office.

“We already know in the polling that this is not a very popular issue as it stands now,” Blakeman added. “And the more time goes by, the more unpopular it will become — because people will think, ‘Well if there was something that glaring wrong, why did it take so long to uncover?’”

Blakeman argued that it was time for the GOP to try to take Trump-like policies forward, but with a different standard-bearer — one without the former president’s considerable negatives. Trump, he said, “should pass the torch.”

The problem is, Trump shows no willingness to do so. Nor do his party’s grassroots supporters want him to.