The Arizona "audit" was election subversion

Fann’s protestations were, in technical terms, complete bullshit. These partisan, kangaroo court investigations being passed off as “audits” are nothing but blatant attempts at election subversion. Their only purpose is to delegitimize the 2020 election.

But those who still feel icky about saying they’d like to reinstate Trump as president have an easy out. They just do what Fann did. They play along and act like it’s all perfectly normal. They’re just tending to the concerns of The People. They’re just asking questions.

And to be fair to Fann, there was never any doubt about who she was pleasing with her hacky, grift-laden, partisan review. Especially after a Freedom of Information Act request obtained the emails she sent bragging about the boost she got from former President Trump and Rudy Giuliani. “I have been in numerous conversations with Rudy Giuliani over the past weeks trying to get this done,” she said in December 28 email. “I have the full support of him and a personal call from President Trump thanking us for pushing to prove any fraud.”

How exciting for her.

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