"I really did pretty much the opposite of whatever he said"

Trump responded by saying he “got along” with the nation’s leading infectious disease expert, but also ignored his medical advice about the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Well you know, David, he was there for like 40 years or something, right?” replied Trump. “He was a part of the furniture. But if you think about it, I really did pretty much the opposite of whatever he said. You know? I actually got along with him, you know? I actually found him–he was a character. He’d say, ‘Just call me Tony. Just call me Tony, sir.’ And, you know, he’s a better promoter than he is a doctor.”

Trump was infamously averse to be seen wearing as mask. In October, he was hospitalized after contracting Covid-19.

As to the question of firing Fauci, Trump said, “Frankly, you can’t win that one. If I would’ve done it, I would’ve taken heat. If I didn’t do it, you know, it’s the same story. But I did what I wanted to do, and I made the correct decisions.”