AOC’s crying shame

Those tears Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shed this week after changing her vote on funding Israel’s Iron Dome defense system from “no” to “present”? Make no mistake about it: Those were tears of joy, the sort of surge of well-being you feel when you realize you can literally deny a whole swath of your constituents their most basic human dignity and they’d still support you no matter what.

With AOC and her posse of Jew-haters in the Squad once again embarrassing the grown-ups pretending that they still in control of the party, top Democrats rushed last week to do some major damage control, swearing up and down that they support Israel and introducing an independent bill to secure the previously nixed funding.

It was as much a show as AOC’s tears. For all the rhetoric, the far-left increasingly understands that a very large number of non-Orthodox Jews now care more about the Democratic Party being in power than they do about almost anything else, including truth, justice or even their own well-being.

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