"It’s a decision that has consequences way beyond your personal corporeal self"

Maddow reported that Gov. Mike Dunleavy (R-AK) had just announced that Alaska was declaring its hospitals to be shifting to “crisis standards of care.” She explained that this was a type of rationing of care, where people who were “less likely to survive get moved down the priority list” to get an ICU bed or certain types of treatment or therapies…

This situation with hospitals in multiple states having to move to crisis standards of care was “unprecedented,” said Maddow, and “people who would live with normal hospital standards are dying instead.”

“Your personal decision whether or not to get vaccinated, it has really tangible consequences for a whole lot of other people who aren’t you.”

She kept hearing this “mantra” about vaccination being a personal decision, Maddow continued, and especially in the conservative media. “They keep saying… that it’s a personal decision, that it only affects you, that it doesn’t affect people who aren’t vaccinated. Well, tell that to the family of the person who just died in Anchorage because thaw couldn’t get that form of dialysis they would otherwise be able to get because that hospital is overrun.”

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