It took Biden 48 years to be president and eight months to f*** it up

If this is starting to sound like a comedy of errors, the extent of Biden’s summer slump can be summed up by the fact that France has recalled its ambassador to the U.S. That’s right, France. This is the first time since 1778 that our nation’s first ally has taken this step. And it’s all happening on Joe Biden’s watch.

What happened to the notion that the adults were back?

I’ve written again and again about how Trump’s childish approach to governing was problematic, but it turns out that dunking on him and signifying responsibility without actually achieving better results isn’t nearly enough.

With a losing streak that is entering Arizona Wildcats territory, Biden is experiencing what one country music song called a “good run of bad luck.” It is a remarkable turn of events for a man who spent four decades vying for the presidency, eight years as the president’s understudy, and who, until recently, had gotten his presidency off to a strong start.