Children tell CNN they blame Tucker Carlson for father's COVID death

One “was some of the media that he ingested,” she explained. “He wasn’t by any means far-right. He was right in the middle, and he consumed media from both sides, and just some of the misinformation on one of those sides made him hesitant. So he was going to wait for FDA approval, but by the time that Pfizer had been approved, it was already too late.”

After Katie shared fond memories of her father, Berman followed up, respectfully. “Katie, you said from one media source, in particular, he was getting misinformation — he was getting information that led him to be hesitant on vaccines. Who? Who was he listening to?”

Lane replied, “He watched some Tucker Carlson videos on YouTube, and some of those videos involved some misinformation about vaccines, and I believe that that played a role,” she claimed.

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