Poll: 27% of Republicans think Trump will regain the presidency this year

The belief in a likely Trump return to the White House is nearly twice as common among the quarter of Republicans with a favorable opinion of the people who entered the Capitol on January 6. However, more than twice as many Republicans have an unfavorable view of the people who participated in the Capitol takeover as have a favorable view. Overall, one in six adults think favorably of the demonstrators, while two-thirds do not. Most Americans want to see the January 6 participants prosecuted; half of Republicans agree.

A Trump reinstatement may be the goal of some of the people who intend to participate in this weekend’s demonstration in Washington, D.C., a rally in support of the people charged in the January 6 attack on the Capitol. As of this week, only one in 10 people had heard a lot about the rally planned for Saturday. More than half had heard nothing. More than twice the share of Democrats have heard a lot about the rally as the share of Republicans who have heard a lot about it.

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