A flailing president

The surge of migrants at the border has not been part of a predictable seasonal pattern. The inflation that was supposed to be short-lived continues to drag on; if you doubt the impact, ask your neighbors about their grocery bills. The pandemic that Biden pledged to shut down has killed more than 25,000 Americans so far this month, even with 76 percent of American adults having received at least one shot of the vaccine. The administration that promised to “follow the science” on vaccines is grappling with what to do when FDA scientists don’t have a consensus on the value of booster shots. Scientists are noticing that the administration’s pledge to “follow the science” has been dependent upon the political convenience of what the science is indicating.

Biden, Antony Blinken, and the rest of the president’s team spent a lot of time patting themselves on the back and declaring that “America is back!” after taking office. But as autumn arrives, they look naïve, unprepared, slow-footed, and in over their heads. A flailing president is a failing president.

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