Biden’s dug a hole for himself, but he keeps digging

One of the most difficult moments for any president is when it becomes clear to voters that his policies are failing and his numbers slide. When that happens, the first group to move is usually independents. That’s exactly what we’re seeing now.

On Biden’s short eight-month watch, Americans have seen his management of the COVID-19 response falter, a disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal, a continuing crisis at the border, rising inflation, a worrisome economy and a growing credibility problem for this president.

Rather than keep his promise to voters of moderation and unity, he has gone to his base and squandered the goodwill and support of the American people by sacrificing his majority coalition on the altar of progressive politics and policies. Instead of changing course, he and his party are about to propose the largest spending bill in history, with staggering tax increases as the economy sputters. And they intend to do it with the barest of majorities in Congress and Biden’s job approval ratings in dangerous territory.

Passing this kind of sweeping legislation would be difficult in the best of circumstances. But when people disapprove of the job you’re doing, when they’ve been disappointed and disillusioned, they will be far less open to listening to a partisan appeal for “reimagining” America.