The curious case of the COVID-free conservatives

Elderly unvaccinated men dying of COVID-19 is sadly unremarkable in America today. What’s noteworthy is who has been spared: the most elite ranks of conservative media. While B-list regional radio guys are being felled on a near-weekly basis, the Fox News primetime lineup is all healthy and safe. It reflects the psychotic disregard the conservative movement has for the lives of its own members.

We know for a fact that most of Fox News is vaccinated, and it’s a safe bet that the ones that refuse to say have as well. Rupert Murdoch got his dose at the first possible moment. Steve Doocy, Ainsley Earhardt, Brian Kilmeade, and Mark Levin all got their shots. Tucker Carlson’s angry refusal to say whether or not he did speaks for itself. The Fox headquarters even has a requirement that all staff disclose their vaccination status, and the unvaccinated have to wear masks and submit to daily health checks…

The frankly disturbing fact is that a lot of the pressure to turn Republicans against the vaccine came from the base itself, even while ICUs were being stuffed full of unvaccinated conservative voters. When Hannity issued a mildly pro-vaccine statement one night, he was deluged with furious complaints and backtracked instantly. When Trump urged a rally to get their shots, he was booed. If there’s one thing conservative media does, it’s pander to their viewers’ desires — because if they don’t, they will quickly be out-pandered by a yet more insane media network.