Lumping 75 million unvaccinated into one category is partisanship, not science

His approach is wedge politics. It will provoke confrontations with red-state governors and old-school civil libertarians. It will rile up anti-vax nuts, who will be portrayed as ordinary GOPers. It does not faintly resemble any strategy you would adopt if your goal was to improve Covid outcomes quickly and efficiently.

It’s long past time to stop lying about the Biden administration. The political calendar, with the midterms still a year away and 2024 three years off, is why he wanted a fast-and-dirty Afghan exit while he could still exploit his honeymoon privilege of putting all blame on his predecessors.

His vaccine announcement is more of a piece with his recurrent practice of whipping up the “white supremacist menace” to distract the left than any useful approach to improving Covid outcomes.

In regard to political cynicism, the Biden administration is not more meritorious than average; it is perhaps slightly less so, as you might expect from a politician with Mr. Biden’s history and character.

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