Why Cuomo could still survive his sordid sexual harassment scandal

The once-necessary corrective to male (and it’s usually male) predations went on life support after its adherents drove from office the jokemeister ex-Sen Al Franken for pretending to grab a woman back when he was still a comedian. It went into its death throes after some of the same people hounded nonagenarian ex-Prez George H.W. Bush to his grave for allegedly patting women’s backsides with the same fury once reserved for the like of Bill Cosby.

Oddly, Cuomo’s highest-ranking current opponent, President Joe Biden, has been caught up in his own touchy-feely #MeToo brouhaha, with his repeated, uninvited, manhandling of women and girls. Voters, however, were more than happy to excuse Uncle Joe’s demonstrated creepiness as mere examples of Joe being Joe.

Biden publicly apologized for his behavior. So did Cuomo.

Just wait. Pretty soon, all will be forgiven.