Abbott calls new special session to push voting restrictions blocked by fleebaggers

Gov. Greg Abbott (R) announced Thursday that the new legislative session will begin Saturday, a move that will force Democrats to decide whether to stay out of Texas for another 30 days or return and face the threat of arrest for breaking quorum. Abbott named election policy as one of several items on the agenda.

Democrats have now prevented passage of new voting restrictions twice by depriving the House of the minimum number of members whose presence is necessary to do business, first during the House’s regular session in May and again in the first special session that began last month and ends on Friday.

“I will continue to call special session after special session to reform our broken bail system, uphold election integrity, and pass other important items that Texans demand and deserve,” Abbott said in a statement. “Passing these Special Session agenda items will chart a course towards a stronger and brighter future for the Lone Star State.”

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