“Sounds like a socialist to me"

But he did not give DeSantis a pass for what he sees as a hefty hand of state government. “Sounds like a socialist to me,” the Morning Joe co-host proclaimed, “When you’re a governor of a state, and you’re telling businesses, small businesses that they can’t run their businesses the way they want to run their businesses, to keep their stores safe, the way they think they can keep their stores safe, and also when you’re telling local school boards, banning them from taking safety measures in their own areas.”

“Florida is like five different states,” Scarborough noted. “So go tell somebody in Broward county, a local school board in Broward county, that they must do the same thing that happens in Walton county, ten hours, twelve hours away, it’s just ridiculous big government, one size fits all socialism. It doesn’t make any sense.

Willie Geist added, “Yeah, not exactly small-government conservatism from a guy who wants to be president of the United States.”