“I didn’t really do anything about it. I think I threw it out. Maybe I recycled it.”

According to a former senior Trump White House official and another person with direct knowledge of the matter, during the final weeks of his presidency, administration officials saw Trump on multiple occasions holding printed-out pages of Gateway Pundit articles in the White House, sometimes in the Oval Office. The former senior official recalled one instance when Trump handed them a page printed from the website, which nonsensically alleged massive pro-Biden fraud, and told the official to find out more and to do something about it.

“I didn’t really do anything about it,” the ex-official told The Daily Beast. “I think I threw it out. Maybe I recycled it.”…

The Gateway Pundit, for its part, was another part of how Trump was “following the internet” in the days before a DOJ official jotted down the notes about his conversations with the Commander in Chief. Just a week before that phone call, Trump was absorbing election coverage by The Gateway Pundit, and promoting it to his millions of followers.

One piece amplified by Trump in late December falsely claimed that supposed statistical anomalies in the counting of votes in Arizona represented proof of election fraud. The same argument garnered a Trump tweet when The Gateway Pundit used the wrong total for voter participation nationwide in the 2020 election to claim that Biden and Trump’s vote totals were impossibly high.

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