CNN makes itself complicit in Biden's flagrant lawbreaking

Let’s recap, then. CNN is confirming here that the president’s action has been “hampered by a Supreme Court ruling,” that the executive branch had “repeatedly argued it had no constitutional authority to extend the moratorium,” and that President Biden “himself said on Tuesday that the new moratorium may not be constitutional, and is essentially an attempt to buy time to get backlogged funding out of state coffers and into the pockets of renters and landlords alike.”

So what does CNN say next? Does it say “Mr. President, please stop!”? Does it say, “this is an egregious violation not only of the norms we’re supposed to care about, but of the rule of law itself”? Does it say, “gosh, this was precisely the sort of thing we spent years predicting under Trump”? Does it say, “If the executive branch can just do what it wants while litigation is pending, we don’t actually have a constitutional order?”

Nah. CNN says this…

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