Kamala Harris is turning out to be Biden's biggest mistake

So, here we sit in the second half of 2021, Biden’s first full year as President, and his Vice President is again a non-entity. She is the most unpopular Vice President since the 1970s. She badly mishandled an interview with Lester Holt over the immigration process. She has basically been in hiding for months. The American people either don’t know her or don’t like her.

That is a very, very bad sign for the Democrats, who need something if they want to try to mitigate the upcoming midterms. Continuing to harp on January 6, 2021, isn’t helping. Making everything about Trump isn’t helping. The American people are focused on the here and now. COVID-19 is surging again, mask mandates are coming back, and the economy is not recovering as quickly as it should. Those are issues the Democrats have to deal with.

And if by 2024 it isn’t looking good for the Democrats, Biden may have no choice but to bow out for health reasons and leave it to Harris, who is supposed to be the natural successor. But her pride won’t allow her to carry his torch or anyone’s except her own, and other Democrats will see that she can’t win, and it will split the Democrat vote (is it finally Bernie Sanders’ time?!).

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