Ignore the hysteria: It’s time to move past COVID, America

Fact is, as a society, we have to move on — and not be paralyzed by the vax-resistant or those demanding zero risk. The good news: Most of us are moving back to normalcy already.

Don’t stop now, America. The latest Team Biden and CDC guidance is a hopeless mishmash based on fear, politics and butt-covering, not solid science. The data behind new guidance about the Delta variant, as Dr. Joel Zinberg noted in Saturday’s Post, are “preliminary,” based on small, possibly unrepresentative samples. One study involved the AstraZeneca vaccine that isn’t even used in America.

Let’s face it: The CDC and its public-health peers have been disaster shows all pandemic long (recall the test it insisted was the only acceptable one, until it turned out to not work?), but the failing has reached the level that the only rational thing to do is to not take its hopeless advice as gospel. Be sensible, but don’t let the scaremongering stop you living your life.

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