Poll: One in 12 unvaccinated say $100 would change their mind

The U.S. government is eager to get more Americans vaccinated, and it is seemingly putting its money where their mouths is. On Thursday, the Treasury Department asked states, territories and local governments to pay $100 to unvaccinated Americans if they get their shots. One in 12 unvaccinated Americans (8%) say that a $100 incentive would work. Three-quarters (75%) fully reject the financial incentive, and 17% of unvaccinated Americans are uncertain.

The best incentive might be moved by the belief that their personal vaccination could protect their family. One in seven unvaccinated adults (14%) would be motivated to get the vaccine if they believed it could protect their family. Some could be motivated by full Food and Drug Administration approval of the vaccine (9%) or by a requirement by their employer to get vaccinated (8%). Wanting to travel (8%) could also move some people.