Voters decreasingly blame Trump and congressional GOP for January 6 riot

The survey found that 56 percent of voters said the 45th president is at least somewhat responsible for the mob of his supporters who stormed the Capitol, down 5 points since a survey conducted last month. Those trends indicate that unless the panel, which is armed with subpoena power, is able to unearth some new information about Trump’s conduct as it relates to Jan. 6, perceptions of his culpability for the riot have likely already hit their high-water mark.

The drop in the share assigning blame to the former president has chiefly been driven by Republicans: Twenty-seven percent say he is at least somewhat responsible, down 3 points from last month and a 14-point drop since immediately after the Jan. 6 riot. Since June, the share who blame Biden increased 6 points, to 47 percent, and even more blame Democrats in Congress (54 percent) and Pelosi (59 percent).

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