The people who'd rather quit than give up remote work

But are people really willing to quit their jobs if they can’t keep working in PJ’s? I’ve been curious about how real the trend is, so I asked readers at my work advice column, Ask a Manager … and ended up pretty surprised by the response.

I heard from an enormous number of people who say that they’ll definitely quit if their job requires them to return to the office. This person speaks for a lot of others:

My small office had essentially no remote work prior to the pandemic, but we went to everyone 100% remote during COVID and proved that we could still be just as effective. In discussions about the future of the office during the pandemic, a combination of remote and in-office was held out as likely. Now they’re making noise about a return to the office next month, and it’s unclear if the WFH portion is still in play. If they require 100% back in the office, I will be looking for a new job—I was spending 24 days of each year in a commute, and I’m not interested in returning to that.

Not only are many people considering switching jobs if they have to go back to the office, but many have already done it. Here’s a sampling of what I heard…

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