How bad could the Delta variant get?

And now we’re talking about younger people dying, predominantly. These are all catastrophes, even those who don’t die — prolonged hospitalizations and all that goes along with that. So, no, I wouldn’t want to say that I’m not concerned about these other hospitalizations and deaths — we will see them. They just won’t be like the monster third wave.

How much less bad, do you think?

Hopefully, like you alluded to, one-tenth as bad, 90 percent less mortality. That would probably be the best-case scenario. But, still, those are tragedies, and Delta is already flooding the health systems in Arkansas, Missouri, Louisiana, just like in the beginning. And there’s study after study showing that when a local health system gets overloaded, more deaths occur. So in those unvaccinated pockets, the deaths and hospitalizations will be appreciable. That’s part of the replay — this is the movie we all never wanted to see again.