Chaos at The View as show scrambles to replace McCain with a "Trump Republican"

‘It’s chaos behind the scenes at The View,’ an ABC insider tells ‘Joy Behar is openly moaning about Meghan leaving as it’s finally hit her that sometimes it is better the devil you know.

‘Joy has only just realized that they could be getting someone much further right on the political spectrum than Meghan who won’t put up with her crap,’ they added.

The source said that if ABC was gutsy, they’d do a ‘massive shake up’ and hire popular conservatives like Kimberly Guilfoyle, Megyn Kelly or even controversial Candace Owens to ‘give the other women a run for their money.’…

‘[Kimberly] would be great as she would literally prosecute the other members of the panel every day of the week,’ they said. ‘One of our highest rated episodes ever was when she stopped by the show with Don Jr.

‘Megyn Kelly would also do the same, however her new Sirius deal makes it hard for her to come to us.’