"The rest of the world's wondering about us"

Speaking at a CNN town hall in Ohio, Biden said the US has “got to get beyond this” moment after referencing the QAnon conspiracy theory and the role of misinformation in sowing division and unfounded fears over the Covid-19 vaccine.

“What do you say to your grandchildren or your children about what’s happening? Do you ever remember a time like this before in the entire history, whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican? This is not who we are,” the President said.

“And I’ll say one last thing: You’re going to — I’ve had a lot of experience internationally and — I mean, not good or bad, just I have — I chaired the Foreign Relations Committee, I’ve been deeply involved. I did national security for our last — the administration with Barack (Obama). But folks, the rest of the world’s wondering about us. Those of you who’ve travel abroad — it’s not a joke.”

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