Republicans divided on how hard to push vaccines

Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-Ga.) has tested positive for COVID-19 twice during the past year. He believes the virus is something that Americans just need to live with.

“This is something we deal with in our lives on a daily basis; ever since I’ve been born, there’s sicknesses, there’s flu, there’s different diseases,” Loudermilk, 57, told The Hill on Tuesday. “I have probably a much higher chance, because of my age and where I live, just the demographics of the South and the way people eat, of having some kind of heart disease as much as I do from getting COVID.”

“But it’s a personal responsibility issue, and these people are willing to take that risk because they think that, ‘Look, there’s a greater chance if I get COVID of just getting through it.’ The majority of people don’t end up in the hospital,” he said.