"It’s not news. It’s gaslighting. It’s propaganda."

“Tucker Carlson is one of many in the right-wing media casting doubt on life-saving Covid vaccines, even as unvaccinated Americans continue to drive up Covid numbers,” said New Day host Brianna Keilar, before asking Cameron: “Why are hosts like Tucker Carlson doing this?”

“It’s about ratings,” Cameron said. “And ratings ultimately become revenue. And that’s the name of the game. Whoever gets the most clicks on social media gets the most money, gets the most fame, gets the most attention. And that type of activity is not journalism. It’s not news. It’s gaslighting. It’s propaganda.”

Cameron noted new infections are climbing in the United States, and overwhelmingly affecting the unvaccinated.

“Anyone who disputes that kind of stuff is putting people’s lives at risk and potentially killing them,” he said.