GOP: Bipartisan infrastructure deal has "no chance" on Wednesday

Schumer and Senate Democrats need at least 10 Republicans to agree to advance a still-unwritten deal to spend nearly $600 billion on roads, bridges and broadband during a vote expected on Wednesday. But both Republican leaders and the GOP lawmakers working on the bipartisan infrastructure package carried the same warning for Schumer.

“He’s not going to get 60, let’s put it that way,” said Senate Minority Whip John Thune (R-S.D.). “The legislation is not drafted, the pay-fors are a long ways away. Patience is going to be a virtue.”

But patience has run thin among Democrats who have watched the bipartisan talks play out for more than three months now. Schumer scheduled the anticipated test vote Monday evening and his deputies and Democratic members of the cross-aisle group made clear they wanted to move forward…

A failed vote this week would amount to an embarrassing setback for the senators trying to clinch an agreement that already got a televised thumbs-up from President Joe Biden. The group planned to meet on Monday evening and try to finish drafting legislation on a topic that’s bedeviled both parties’ presidents and Congresses for decades.