"I dare you to deny me Communion"

Feinstein, Lieu and others reinforce this idea that to be Catholic in the modern world, we have to adapt. We have to make the church woke and attractive, so that it is a more comfortable organization to be part of.

“Dear @USCCB,” Lieu tweeted, “I’m Catholic and I support: -Contraception -A woman’s right to choose -Treatments for infertility -The right for people to get a divorce -The right of same sex marriage. Next time I go to Church, I dare you to deny me Communion.”

As social issues such as these reign at the forefront of the culture wars, Catholics are demanded to get on board the train, or step out of the way completely.

Lieu’s tweet leaves no doubt where his allegiance lies, and raises the question of why he remains in a faith with which he fundamentally disagrees on almost every issue. Yet Lieu not only retains the title of Catholic, but like many others, he seeks to change the church to match his lifestyle and the ideas of the times.