College Republicans poised for splinter after "stolen election"

Courtney Britt, the candidate who incumbent College Republican National Committee Chairman Chandler Thornton hoped would succeed him, triumphed today over Judah Waxelbaum. Only about 60 percent of CRNC affiliates cast ballots, though: A consequence of the maneuvering detailed earlier this week by National Review.

In her acceptance speech, a less-than-a-minute address kept short as a courtesy to delegates who had already spent nearly seven hours on the call, Britt purported to be excited to work with “all” state federations.

She spent much of the day, however, voting not to allow numerous states — which had been sidelined over disputed credentialing issues — representation in the chairman’s race. It is widely believed that Waxelbaum would have had a sizable majority had all 52 eligible federations cast ballots. Just over 30 were actually allowed to...

In a brief statement afterward, Waxelbaum decried the limits on participation and urged federations that feel disenfranchised to “seek independence.”