Progressives punish "honorary whites" but aren't helping blacks

Like biting into a madeleine was reading a federal court injunction against the Biden administration’s pandemic bailout programs for restaurants, which favored some ethnicities over others. Memories came flooding back of South Africa’s apartheid in its waning days, with its absurd designation of certain Asians as “honorary whites.”

Slight difference: Under the Biden plan some became honorary whites for the purpose of being disadvantaged, i.e., sent to the end of the line for government aid. According to no rhyme or reason, said the court, spared the prejudicial status were “Pakistanis but not Afghans; Japanese but not Iraqis; Hispanics but not Middle Easterners.”

You’ve noticed a herd of meme-performing pundits insisting that critical race theory is hardly even a thing. Radicals ritually downplay their radicalism as they sense their nearness to power, though perhaps prematurely in this case. Also likely to be voided by the courts is a Biden program favoring black farmers over white farmers.