Caitlyn Jenner’s reality TV campaign

JENNER’S REALITY CAMPAIGN — It’s fair to wonder whether CAITLYN JENNER is running for governor of California or filming another reality show. Well, it turns out she’s doing a little bit of both. Jenner is showing up at campaign events and rallies with a film crew like famous candidates often do — but she’s also brought the crew to an interview with SEAN HANNITY and to an appearance at CPAC.

Looking ahead to life after the trail, Jenner has been paying them to collect footage of her time running for office. And after the campaign she can do whatever she wants with it — sell it to Netflix for a documentary, perhaps, or to E! for another Kardashian reality series. (Nothing like that is in the works yet; we’re just throwing out a few scenarios.) “We’re documenting history,” a senior campaign adviser explained.