Two-thirds of Southern Republicans want to secede

Those findings come from Bright Line Watch, a group that conducts regular polls of political scientists and the American public to monitor attitudes toward democracy. They’ve started polling this question because “it taps into respondents’ commitments to the American political system at the highest level and with reference to a concrete alternative (regional unions).”

While Southern Republicans are the group most in favor of succession, they’re not the only ones. Across the country, Bright Line Watch finds, people have more favorable views toward secession when their political party is dominant in their region.

In the liberal Northeast, for instance, Democrats are the group most supportive (39 percent) of secession. Ditto for the West Coast. In the Midwest and Great Lakes states, by contrast, Independents like the idea best, reflecting the divided politics of the region. And across the board, these numbers are trending upward.