The far left's curious anti-anti-China campaign

Code Pink is well-known for defending authoritarian anti-U.S. regimes of all stripes. The group’s founder, Medea Benjamin, joined demonstrators occupying the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington, after Maduro-regime officials left in 2019. The same year, the nominally anti-war group sent a delegation to Iran and declared support for the Islamic regime’s development of ballistic missiles. So it is perhaps not surprising that on its website, Code Pink takes a strong pro-CCP line. On a page of frequently asked questions about its pro-China activism, the group links to a number of articles by Chinese-state-run media sources to paint a rosy picture of the situation in the country. When it comes to the party’s crimes against humanity in Xinjiang, however, Code Pink hedges, calling the situation a human-rights issue that some have coopted to “drive the cold war.”

The group has also signed onto a separate coalition called “No Cold War,” which comprises a number of likeminded activist groups. The coalition’s ongoing campaigns include, as Hvistendahl pointed out, efforts to support Meng Wanzhou, the Huawei CFO arrested in Canada for U.S. sanctions violations, and to oppose the U.K.’s ban on Chinese state broadcaster CGTN. Perhaps not coincidentally, Liu Xin, an employee of the Chinese-state-run cable-news channel CGTN, is another signatory of the coalition. (When National Review reviewed on Tuesday, the pages Hvistendahl tweeted about on July 8 and an additional page on the U.K.’s revocation of CGTN’s broadcast license had been removed.)