GOP messaging guru Luntz advised Biden's COVID task force

Reached in London on Wednesday, Luntz scoffed at those surprised that he would help a Democratic White House fight a deadly virus. It was a topic, he said, that shouldn’t be political.

“I don’t care if people b---- at me,” he said.

“The Biden team didn’t ask me for anything. They simply said, ‘Whatever you find, we want to know,’” Luntz said. “This is more than Trump did. Trump did not care about the research we started to do. The [Trump] White House wasn’t interested in it, he didn’t promote it.”...

“The cable networks in particular were using language that was not helping the cause,” Slavitt said in an interview. “His whole point is that, you hear CNN say ‘Republicans, conservatives aren't getting vaccinated, they’re vaccine hesitant.’ It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and it creates a wedge, it talks down to people. And that was not helpful.”