Newsmax vouches for vaccines after host says shots are "against nature"

His guest, McCullough, did not explicitly back him up, and his employer, Newsmax, has now made clear that it feels differently as well, particularly about the effort to vaccinate Americans against the coronavirus.

“Newsmax as a network strongly supports President Biden’s efforts to widely distribute the COVID vaccine. It is important for the safety of all and especially those at high risk, such as the elderly,” a spokesperson told The Washington Post on Tuesday.

The network then put some distance between its corporate position and Schmitt’s remarks, without criticizing him by name.

“Medical professionals who have appeared on Newsmax have strongly encouraged Americans to get the vaccine,” the spokesperson said. “From time to time, a guest or host may not be as supportive of these efforts. However, they do not reflect the position of Newsmax.” (A vaccine-skeptical Vietnam veteran in Idaho told The Post in April that he decided to get the shot after seeing a doctor appear on the network and confirm it was safe.)