Hong Kong exodus gathers pace as thousands vote with their feet

Alarmed by Beijing’s rapid erosion of their freedoms, Hong Kongers are voting with their feet. The exodus has picked up pace this month, with net outflows of residents regularly exceeding 1,000 a day, according to government figures compiled by activist investor David Webb, even as the pandemic continues to disrupt travel. Many of the emigres are taking up Britain’s offer of safe haven and a path to citizenship for some 5 million residents of its former colony, introduced in response to Beijing’s crackdown in the financial hub.

The U.K. government expects roughly 300,000 to make the move over five years, in what would be one of the largest waves of migration into the country...

“Originally, we had some hope that 2 million people protesting on the streets could be a starting point for Hong Kong to become better,” Cheung said. But the government’s reaction showed it was “against” the people, he said, adding that the city was “not suitable for living, in every aspect, be it politics, the economy or social policies.”