Why a famous anti-vaxxer saw the light — and got the COVID vaccine

Then, in early 2020, a series of events triggered a re-think.

Charlotte’s pediatrician offered the little girl a tetanus injection after she was badly scratched by the family cat. Though Simpson turned it down on principle, she began to wonder if the shot was a good idea.

The same week in February, she posted about her upcoming surgery for endometriosis. Instead of wishing her well, her legions of Facebook friends insisted the operation was “the easy way out” and recommended she “ate better” to cure the complaint.

“It was so upsetting,” Simpson remembered. “They made me feel guilty — as if I was being lazy — but, without the surgery, I knew I was putting my life at risk.”

Things got even worse the same month when followers reacted badly to her reflective comment that she “didn’t want to abolish vaccines, just to make them safer, because I know at some point, at least one vaccine somewhere has saved someone’s life.”

The anti-vax brigade turned on their one-time poster girl.

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