Giuliani's legal fund was a bust. Now its donation page has disappeared.

According to a cached version of that webpage, the sluggish fundraising vehicle was taken offline at some point between Wednesday morning and Thursday. As of early Thursday evening, the “Rudy Giuliani Legal Defense Fund” page had yet to return.

Bernie Kerik, another Trump loyalist and a close Giuliani associate who is spearheading the former New York mayor’s fundraising efforts, did not immediately respond to questions from The Daily Beast. On Thursday evening, Giuliani’s lawyer Robert Costello said he had “no knowledge” on the matter.

The Fundly account, established in Rudy’s name a day before Kerik launched a website for the legal defense fund in late June, raised $9,798 before the page disappeared—far short from its goal of raising $5 million in two months. While the landing page for the Fundly account is gone, the Giuliani account still shows it’s in possession of its nearly $10,000 donor haul, with the website inconspicuously archiving donor names and amounts given. But links to the legal defense fund page they gave to now automatically redirect to Fundly’s general landing page for “politics and public policy” causes. In addition to the now-MIA Fundly page, portals at credit card processors Square and Rallypay are also advertising donations for the Giuliani fund.