Gettr by the pu$$y: Jason Miller's new moderation nightmare

Because it turns out that this cesspool would have been even worse if not for the fact that Jason Miller was doing exactly the same thing that Facebook and Twitter and all the other Big Bad Tech Oligarchs do: moderating his site’s content in order to provide a more usable product for his audience.

Complaints about this heavy-handed, neo-Puritan moderation were all over the platform.

@RoseyRose lamented that their previous account had been banned because they told “ben shapiro I want to piss in his lungs.”

@Kenma suggested that many of their fellow trolls had been banned.

There was much consternation over the fact that one of the Fake Nicki Minaj accounts was suspended.

@Safeway Official shared a meme that offered a thoughtful critique of Gettr’s crackdown on Sonic the Hedgehog porn.

Where’s muh free speech?!