"I think the vast majority ... believe that this was a Trump-incited insurrection"

Anderson Cooper asked Kinzinger if he thinks his GOP colleagues keep up with the ongoing investigations and cases tied to that day. “Do you think your Republican colleagues even watch those videos or try to stay up to speed on various investigations?”

Kinzinger replied in the negative:

No, I don’t think so. I think they purposely avoid it. I mean I think the vast majority, if not all of them, my colleagues believe that this was a Trump-incited insurrection. But when you are in a tribe and you know, if you say something truthful that gets you kicked out of the tribe, you keep your head down and you stay in the tribe. I don’t think they believe it, but if you watch the videos, you get that tinge of guilt. And it’s much easier to just paper over that tinge of guilt, hope that this organically just kind of fixes the glitch and nobody is willing to step up. It’s disappointing, of course. It’s sad.

And I think what’s even more sad, Anderson, is not that so many people that aren’t acknowledging the truth. It’s that there are millions of people – base voters, Republican voters, many in my district – that believe the Big Lie.

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