How older Americans show us the vaccines work

According to the CDC, Americans 50 years and older make up 27% of Covid-19 infections in preliminary June data. More complete data from May have them as 26% of all cases.

This is a significant shift from December 2020. Back then, 35% of all cases were among those ages 50 and older. Americans 50 years and older make up 36% of the population.

Of course, older people are more prone to serious illness and death, and we see that in the numbers. In May and June, 91% of Covid-19 related deaths were among those 50 years and older. Still, this is down from December 2020 when they accounted for 96% of all Covid-19 related deaths.

When we zoom in on those aged 65 and older, the decline is even more dramatic. They were 83% of all Covid related deaths in December 2020. In preliminary June data, they accounted for 65%.