Universities don't celebrate diversity -- they crush it

As a Cuban American, I was initially curious about my own college’s Latino cultural center. Being a student at Yale, an institution that is not particularly known for its traditionalism, my expectations were already low. Yet the welcome email from “La Casa Cultural” still managed to floor me with its greeting of “Hola, Todxs!” Now, I had heard of terms such as “Latinx” before, words used by liberals to combat the “masculinity” of the O in “Latino.” But “Todxs” was a new one — a caricature of the word “todos,” a word that means everyone. None of my friends had ever heard of “todxs,” and we hadn’t the slightest idea of how to pronounce such a vulgarity. It demonstrated that La Casa was not simply following the woke crowd — it was in the vanguard. All of my interest in my so-called community at Yale immediately evaporated. How could I respect a group that claims to represent my heritage, while it proceeds to violate the language spoken by my mother, grandparents, and great-grandparents?

Cultural-center politics alienate every minority student who has yet to be indoctrinated. Why should a conservative black student at the University of Utah join the Black Student-Union if it protests the invitation of Ben Shapiro? Why should an LGBT, pro-Israel Jew at UCSC relate to the queer center while it issues statements condemning Israel as a colonial power? No, but really, what in the world does the Israel–Palestine conflict have to do with sexual orientation? The intersectional ideology of these centers drives them to involve and associate themselves with a very specific political movement, thus destroying their ability to meaningfully speak on behalf of whatever organization they purport to represent.

Furthermore, in their journey to be inclusive, universities have taken steps to form even more cultural centers. But limited resources present practical barriers that even the most leftist of administrations cannot overcome. Their solution? Start sloppily grouping identities.