Fox News "interested" in Meghan McCain, but would she return?

Asked if the late maverick Republican and Trump-loathing senator John McCain’s daughter would ever be welcomed back by the right-leaning cable channel, where she spent a couple of years as an on-air contributor and regular co-host of Outnumbered before jumping to The View in October 2017, a Fox News spokesperson told The Daily Beast: “Meghan McCain is a star and we are always interested in exceptional talent.”...

Alas, a triumphant return to the Rupert Murdoch-controlled outlet—which recently agreed to pay a million-dollar fine to New York City’s Commission on Human Rights while admitting to fostering an illegal workplace culture featuring sexual harassment of women, forced secret arbitration to resolve complaints without negative publicity, and career-ending retaliation—is not in the cards.

According to people familiar with McCain’s thinking, her attitude toward Fox News is basically “been there, done that.”

“She’s really outgrown it, and they’re just batshit crazy over there,” said one of McCain’s confidants.